TasteBud Website Goes Live.

Thanks to overwhelming support from the community, we are happy to say TasteBud is growing! With all this new growth our Facebook page just isn’t enough to handle all of the traffic.  Through a lot of brainstorming sessions and a lot of time designing, we are proud to say we up and live at www.tastebudband.com!

This hub will be our main channel for displaying general info, show dates, media, news, and most importantly new music. Our website is a great way to keep up to date with us, as well as just a great place to enjoy some crunchy tunes. One of the most beneficial features of the website is the contact page. This page is a new resource for connecting with fans so we can hear any comments, recommendations, or even shout outs. Additionally, this contact page acts as an outlet for people to book gigs/schedule events, and it’s easier than ever before.  If you’re feeling like showing some love stop by our comment pager and show some love! The other feature of the website we are most excited about is our news page. This page is a way for us to communicate with fans and get the right information out there. This could be info on events, merchandise, post-show articles, and new music! Check out the music page today for some of the crunchiest tunes.

Many thanks go out to our family and friends for making this happen. TasteBud has gained some serious traction and is only growing! Come be part of our experience.

Written by: Taste Bud, Director of Marketing


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