TasteBud Studio Album Available Now!

The anticipation is over and it’s even sweeter than we could have thought. Thanks to our loving fan base and growing support from the community, we are happy to announce that our new studio album is out for your listening pleasure! After putting in countless hours in the studio and practice as well, we’ve put together, what we think is our best project yet. The new album features eight of our best songs that total out to just over an hour of the crunchiest jams that we could fit on one album. Perhaps accepting the most appreciation, “Spin” the first song of the album is catching some heat amongst our fans because it has a noticeably soft rhythm accompanied by heavy jam breakdowns that leave you picking your face up off the floor. The album is available for purchase on most streaming websites including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, SoundClound, and Google Play. Although the album, is for sale, we still want our fans to be able to listen and download our songs for free. We’ve added a streaming feature to our website, as well as created a SoundCloud account, so everyone can have a chance to listen no matter what their financial situation is.

Accompanied by the premier of our new song, we’ve made some serious changes to our website to help smooth out traffic and get our fans to the jams quicker! On the home page, you can now find the complete album and links to all purchasing/listening sites, without having to click away. Additionally, we’ve made some changes to our tour dates, we’ve added some events (woo-hoo!) and also changed some dates around, so make sure to take a look at those! Aside from some super new and cool design changes, nothing too major has really changed the site. Our contact page is still functioning properly and we would like to hear what you guys think about our new album, any feedback would be appreciated! So take some time to listen to the album whether it’s on the site, or one of our many streaming service. After all, everything we do is for our fans, the album is for our fans and we appreciate you guys so much!

Be sure to come out this Friday, the 22nd to Sweetwater Bar and Grill to kick off our fall tour! Be sure to put our October 7th performance at Second Self Brewery’s three year anniversary party on your calendar. Also, make sure to keep up with our calendar as we are adding events weekly!


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